Spreading Christlikeness worldwide.

CDM engages in a number of important activities throughout the year. These are generally outlined in the Annual Calendar each year. Members are encouraged to participate in as many activities as possible, in order to contribute their quota to attaining the aims of CDM. Moreover, these activities provide an outlet for Christians to identify, develop, and use their various gifts to fulfil God's call on their lives.

This year, CDM will press forward as God’s battle-axe in the world in five key areas:

1. The battle to spread structured and reproducing Spirit-filled Christlike disciplemaking as the key strategy for finishing the task of World Evangelization.

2. The battle to institutionalize the fivefold ministry as key to the local church’s success in producing mature Christlike disciplemakers.

3. The battle to produce laborers, intercessors, financiers, and mobilizers to finish the task of engaging unreached people groups and unchurched communities in Ghana and beyond.

4. The battle to produce facilitators who will make CDM Bible Colleges world-class Christian institutions.

5. The battle to disciple the tertiary and secondary school campuses in Ghana and beyond.

Our Activities

CDM organizes two retreats every year. Our retreats have convened disciplemakers globally and regionally as we teach, inspire, mobilize and challenge Christians to grow in Christlikeness and fulfil the Great Commission.

The Quality Control retreat is held during the last weekend of February, while the main Disciplemakers Summit comes on during the second week of August. Members of CDM are expected to make and present at least one Christlike disciple annually at the convening of disciplemakers, the Disciplemakers Summit.

At retreats, participants are taken through rigorous training in Christlikeness and
disciple-making, with plenary sessions, ministry group discussions and spiritual
growth clinics.

Since 2018, the retreats have been decentralized to the Volta region, the Northern Zone, and Togo. 2019 also witnessed the introduction of CDM International Retreats in Europe and the USA.

CDM Bible College is an non-denominational institution that equips godly men and women for soulwinning and disciplemaking, and aims to produce Christlike disciple-makers who know their specific calling from God and have enough urgency for the Great Commission to reproduce strategic and faithful disciple-makers who will be
labourers for finishing the Unfinished Task within our generation.

Founded in 2011, the College offers various programs to equip believers with biblical
knowledge, Christlike character, and ministry skills. It trains students to become faithful and fruitful disciplemakers who can fulfill the Great Commission in their generation. By attending CDM Bible College, students can discover their specific calling from God, learn how to make and mentor Christlike disciples, and participate in the unfinished task of world evangelism.

The Bible College caters for busy professionals and Christian students. It consists of a Certificate Program and a Diploma Program, both focused on Missions and Disciplemaking. There are several options available for interested participants, eg. Online Bible Schools; Missions Bible Schools; Vernacular Bible Schools; Regular Sandwich Programs, etc. Graduation is held in October every year, and requirements include coursework exams, and presentation of a Bible chapter summary, ministry project work, and a disciple.

CDMBC has been officially accredited by the Ghana Education Service and also by the Africa Association of Bible Schools. Please visit the CDMBC website for more about the College: courses, faculty, timetable, etc. Further enquiries can also be directed to us here.

CDM believes in the fivefold ministry gifts outlined in Eph. 4:11-13. We provide training and avenues for service for Christians and their disciples who recognize the call of God on their life and the need to develop their gifts and ministries. It also functions as an alternative for people who want to learn about how to identify and develop their gifts, ministries and calling. Please contact us for training in the Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic, Pastoral and Teaching ministries.

We also provide training and equipping for various groups, including missionaries, evangelism, youth and children groups, Sunday School teachers, etc. Our Islam seminar also
teaches practical strategies to engage and disciple our spiritual cousins.

CDM holds weekly online broadcasts titled Time with JFK Mensah, providing doctrinal conversations on various aspects of Christian life, Christian apologetics and Christian maturity. These are held on Thursdays (8.30pm GMT).

On the third Saturday of every month, there is a session for the practicals of the Christian foundation life, whether water baptism, Holy Spirit baptism, or healing and deliverance. There is also opportunity for counseling. Members of CDM are encouraged to come and serve as facilitators, and can also bring their disciples, friends and families who need ministration. There is an all-night prayer session for women at the CDM Retreat Centre every second Friday of each month.

There are also year-round mentoring sessions for each of the various fivefold ministry groups to offer training, mentoring and spiritual growth. These groups occasionally hold conferences and other programs.

CDM produces various resources including handouts, audio messages and videos to
edify and empower Christian individuals and groups. Visit our Resource Center for full access to our podcast, videos and online broadcasts which expand the reach of the gospel beyond borders.

Please contact us for more information.

CDM mobilizes prayer for the task of world evangelism, for labourers and the harvest.

The 24-hour prayer chain allows people all over the world to commit to prayer for an hour every day into world evangelism. Secondly, after a long break due to COVID-19, the monthly all-night dubbed “Gumnazoo All-Night Prayers” resumed in September 2023 at the CDM Retreat Center. CDMites are encouraged to partner in prayer
for the Task through these avenues.

We bless God for the successful launch of The Apostolic Intercessors Ministry in December 2023. The goal of the group is to convene devout intercessors all over
the globe, uniting them in the sacred act of intercession through prayer, praise, and
worship. Contact for more information.

CDM is heavily involved in the evangelization of unreached people groups, beginning with tribes in Ghana. As an organization, our conviction is that the Great Commission can be fulfilled within one generation if we win the lost, mobilize the Body of Christ, and bring in the harvest. We achieve this by providing structured training, and raising and sending teams of Christlike disciplemakers who are equipped to go into their world and, according to their God-given ministry lines, bring in a harvest of souls into the Kingdom.

Our Unreached People Groups (UPG) Project deploys missionaries in teams of two to unreached people groups to evangelize these tribes. We currently have 25 missionaries serving among 12 unreached tribes in Ghana and 2 missionaries in Nigeria.
Our Campus Missions Project deploys trained labourers to SHS and tertiary campuses to disciple young people.
Our National Service Personnel In Missions (NASPIM) Project mobilizes, trains and deploys tertiary students to make disciples wherever they find themselves posted as National Service personnel.

 If you are interested in supporting us on this project, or you are from one of Ghana's unreached people groups, please apply here.

There are also CDM groups situated for each of the continents (CDM Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America and South America). We also encourage CDM members, disciplemakers and disciples to connect to these CDM continental groups as they travel outside of Ghana for school, work, or business. If you are a CDM member located there or re-locating there, or you have Christians there who are interested in discipleship, please contact us.


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