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CDM Resources

View and download videos, audios, documents and reports to help you on your Christlikeness journey, strengthen your discipleship and disciple-making, and keep you updated on all CDM activities.

Resource List

View and download the recordings of our past CDM retreats -- both the Quality Control (February) and Major Retreats (August). This also includes the Ministry Academy.

"Time With JFK" Messages


View and download the recordings of all our virtual sessions with Aps. JFK Mensah on a variety of different topics spanning the Christian life.

A compilation of our annual activities over the past few years.

A series of videos on the meaning and need for discipleship, disciple-making, and an overview of the stages of CDM's discipleship structure.

A series of videos on spiritual growth planning and how to have an effective Quiet Time for spiritual growth.

A series of videos on how to discover, identify, and grow your fivefold ministry, whether the Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic, Teaching, or the Shepherding ministry.

Videos: Group Ministry Training


A series of videos on ministry to men, women, youth, teens, and children.

Buy books on discipleship and disciplemaking, Christlikeness, and intimacy with God.

Ministering over decades to churches, fellowships, missions groups, and organizations, many of JFK's messages are available on any podcast app.

Documents: CDM Resources


Download documents from CDM, including topical studies, the CDM discipleship syllabus and chart, and a topical Bible verse memorization sheet for Quiet Times.

Other Resources

Please click on any of the following resources to download them.


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