On this page, we provide you with all the information, updates and resources. We thank God for a fully power-packed, knowledge-based, and fire-igniting time with the Lord.

The CDM Mission

With 2 Timothy 2:2 as our watchword, we believe that disciples are made by Christlike disciples, and are not just born. CDM members commit themselves to growing in Christlikeness and producing at least one Christlike disciple-maker yearly.

Here's What You Can Do...

Be a part of planning, mobilizing, and supporting for the Summit each year.

As we mobilize disciplemakers all over the world, support us with your social. Join the CDM Publicity Team on Whatsapp here.

Register as a Facilitator

If you're a graduate from the CDM Bible College and a disciplemaker, you may be eligible to facilitate. Contact us!

Adopt a Disciplemaker!

As God provides, support us to subsidize retreat costs by paying a little extra if you feel called to do so. Click here to donate

Summit Activities

Here's what we heard, and the main activities.

Plenary Sessions

Plenary sessions were livestreamed from the CDM Retreat Centre on Facebook or YouTube. Catch up with all the session recordings on video or listen to only the audio sermons.

Ministry Training

Our Summit focuses on training you in your God-given ministry. In-person breakout groups discussed practical issues as we encouraged one another to work for the Lord.

Spiritual Growth+

The Summit aims at personal spiritual growth which fuels the making of more and better disciples. Watch previous videos on spiritual growth here. You can also access full video recordings on the CDM Discipleship Syllabus here.


You can visit our Resource Center for all the recordings and video links from our previous retreats, but here is a sampling of some videos on ministry training and preparation.

Fivefold Ministry Training

All the training videos on the various ministries are now up on our YouTube channel. Follow the playlists at the links below:

Introduction to Group Ministries: Watch JFK Mensah explain at https://youtu.be/EnoBI5TucJA

APOSTOLIC MINISTRY: Watch Apostolic Ministry Training videos at http://bit.ly/cdmapostles

PROPHETIC MINISTRY: Watch Prophetic Ministry Training videos at http://bit.ly/cdmprophets

EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY: Watch Evangelistic Ministry Training videos at http://bit.ly/cdmevangelists

PASTORAL/SHEPHERDING MINISTRY: Watch Pastoral/Shepherding Ministry Training videos at http://bit.ly/cdmshepherds

TEACHING MINISTRY: Watch Teaching Ministry Training videos at http://bit.ly/cdmteachers

Group Ministry Training

All the training videos on the various ministries are now up on our YouTube channel. Follow the playlists at the links below: 

Men's Ministry Training: Watch Men's Ministry Training videos at http://bit.ly/cdmmenministry

Women's Ministry Training: Watch Women's Ministry Training videos at http://bit.ly/cdmwomen

Youth Ministry Training: Watch Youth Ministry Training videos at http://bit.ly/cdmyouth

Teens Ministry Training: Watch Teens Ministry Training videos at http://bit.ly/cdmteens

Children's Ministry Training: Watch Children's Ministry Training videos at http://bit.ly/cdmchildren

Doctrinal Beliefs

What are the doctrinal beliefs of CDM? We concur with those of the Lausanne Movement. Take a read.

About Us

Read more about what CDM is and what we do. It is important to recognize the role of interdenominational groups in Christ.


CDM engages in several activities in order to achieve our vision. Read more about what we do and how you can be a part of it.


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